3 Ways to Lower Your Xfinity Cable and Internet Bill

August 17, 2023

With inflation on the rise and people being torn between multiple payments, cutting corners wherever possible, is on everyone’s agenda!

Shopping for goods during sale seasons, and seeking out the best bargain deals definitely helps your budget but services like the internet, or mobile plans are forever increasing their prices. 

Today, we live in a world where being connected to the internet is a necessity, whether it’s for work, school, shopping, or business.

It’s unavoidable and this is something that internet service providers take advantage of. Ever-increasing prices while the services remain the same have gotten a lot of customers unhappy and for some, leaving their current service provider seems impossible, due to the hefty early-cancellation fee. 

Is There A But?

However, all is not as bleak as it seems, because there are ISPs within the U.S. that go above and beyond for their customers, like Xfinity. With consistent prices and no legally-binding contracts, Xfinity’s services seem like a breath of fresh air.

Xfinity’s customer service is also pretty highly ranked among service providers. 

The executive vice president and chief customer experience officer at Comcast, Tom Karinshak, promises a seamless experience for all customers, saying, “We have a dedicated team of employees across the country working hard every day to make sure we deliver the superior experience you deserve!” 

Customer service isn’t the only department Xfinity excels in, as all its internet plans are quite budget-friendly, to begin with.

Furthermore, if you bundle 2 or 3 of its services together, you get more value at a lesser cost. Its internet is fast, reliable, and secure, so its customers can browse online without worrying about being hacked or coming across any viruses. 

Despite all these perks, there are still ways you can save even more money with Xfinity! 

1. Keep an Eye Out for Niche-Specific Discounts 

It’s important to keep in mind that Xfinity frequently offers deals or Visa prepaid cards for certain demographics like seniors, students, or even teachers.

For instance, Xfinity offers a one-time $50 Visa prepaid card for military officers, as a way to thank them for their services! 

All they need to do is to verify that they’re a member of the military community and once they pass the eligibility criteria, they’ll receive the prepaid card. 

You can browse Xfinity’s website online to check out other similar deals and discounts or simply reach out to its 24/7 customer support team here.

Xfinity’s team has various communication channels so you can call, email, use the Live Chat option or even reach out to them via social media platforms! 

2. Sign Up For Internet Essentials

Xfinity understands that a lot of people are going through tough financial situations, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and so has recently launched the ‘Internet Essentials’ program. 

This program is for families and households that lie beneath or on the low-income line. Since everyone needs internet but isn’t able to afford the appropriate services, Xfinity makes it easier for everyone to gain access to its services.

Through this program, families will be able to save up to $30 a month, since they’re only required to pay $9.95 a month for an internet plan of 50/10 Mbps.

If, however, that isn’t enough or certain families are larger and hence require more internet speeds, they can choose to sign up for the 100/15 Mbps for just $24.95 a month!

The reason such a program exists showcases that Xfinity goes above and beyond to cater to people from different walks of life, regardless of their financial backgrounds! 

3. Enable Auto Pay and Paperless Billing

The last (but not least) tip to lower your Xfinity bill is to enable paperless billing via your Xfinity account settings. It’s quite simple to do: 

  • * First, you’ll have to sign into your account, and once you’re successfully logged in, click on the ‘Settings’ tab. 
  • * After the Settings section is open, you should be able to see ‘Bill Settings’ on the left side of the page and underneath that, you should see an option for ‘Paperless Billing.’ 
  • * Once you click on that, the first thing you’ll see would be the ‘EcoBill’ option, and for most users, that would be automatically switched off. Once you turn that on, you’ll be asked to agree to EcoBill’s terms of service so go ahead and tick that box! And, that’s all! 

This is how you’re able to turn on paperless billing and by doing so, you’ll receive a $10 discount on your monthly bills! 

In Conclusion 

These are just some of the many ways you can cut down on your Xfinity bills, but there are always new deals and discounts the ISP is offering, so it’s important to be in touch with its customer support team to keep track of such deals! 

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