Raila Odinga Alleges Kenya Kwanza Plot To Gun Down Peaceful Protesters

July 13, 2023

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party leader Raila Odinga has accused the Kenya Kwanza government of using the police to attack his supporters.

While calling off a planned anti-government rally which was scheduled to take place at the Kamukunji grounds Wednesday afternoon, Raila said they had received information of a plan by the government to attack attendees at the rally.

According to the former Prime Minister, Kena Kwanza had hired goons to shoot live bullets a the Kamukunji rally.

“Late last night, we received intelligence of a most heinous plan by Kenya Kwanza to ferry armed goons who would attack peaceful attendees of our rally in Kamkunji. These goons had express orders to shoot directly into the crowd while enjoying police protection,” Odinga said.

The Opposition leader claimed that the goons raided Kamukunji grounds and vandalized the equipment used to hoist the dais.

“In line with the intelligence we received, armed goons have this afternoon descended on Kamukunji grounds and shot indiscriminately in the crowd. Police have used water cannons to disperse those who had peacefully gathered there,” he said.

“In order to protect our people and avert more injuries and the loss of life, we have taken the strategic decision not to proceed with the rally at Kamukunji grounds this afternoon. In any case, the people have made the point.”

Odinga also regretted that the otherwise peaceful protests had been turned into an attack on his supporters.

“Scores of protesters have been arrested for participating in an exercise that is clearly protected by the Constitution. As usual, it is the police maiming and killing people. Slowly, our country is degenerating into a police state. We must not allow this to happen again,” he said.

Odinga affirmed Azimio’s relentless fight against the government, urging President William Ruto to consider their demands in order to prevent the protests from persisting.

“We thank Kenyans for taking up our call to fight for ourselves. This struggle is not about Azimio or any other party in particular. It is now about Kenyans refusing to move on until they get a good deal,” he said.

“This time around there is no moving on until Ruto shows a readiness to listen and respect the people. People deserve a deal and not bullets or teargas.”

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