Meet Spinal Injury Ambassador Mark Mungai: “I was told I’d never walk again”

July 3, 2023

In 2021, Mark Mungai was involved in a car accident that resulted in life-altering paralysis. Two years later, Mark reflects on his process of accepting his condition and subsequently becoming an ambassador for spinal injury awareness and advocacy.

Brief introduction about yourself,  who are you?

My name is Mark Mungai Kuria. I am 24 years old, born and raised in Gikuni Shopping Centre. I come from a family of four siblings, and I am the youngest. I attended Kibiku Primary School and later enrolled at Lari Boys High School. Currently, I am a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Nairobi Main Campus.

Can you describe the events that led to the tragic accident?

On December 4th, 2021, while going for a drive with my brother and cousin, I fell asleep and woke up in the hospital.

What happened after you woke up in the hospital?

I found myself in a hospital room with beds, IV drips, and a neck brace. A nurse gave me medication and advised me to limit my head movements.

Did you find out what happened prior to the accident?

Initially, I had no knowledge of the exact details leading up to the accident. The information I have is pieced together from stories shared by others. I have blurry recollections of being in the hospital, the ambulance, and the emergency department at Kenyatta National Hospital. After regaining consciousness, my sister hinted that I had been involved in a severe accident, and it was then I realized that something serious had occurred.

Were you informed about your condition by the doctor?

Not entirely. Those around me, including the doctor, were cautious about delivering the news directly. They assured me that I would be okay once the therapy was completed. I discovered online that I had a three-degree spinal injury and wouldn’t be able to walk.

How did you cope with your condition and what are you doing now?

It took time to accept my condition, but I found strength in sharing my experiences. I now raise awareness about spinal injuries through my social media platforms.

Do you have any words of inspiration for other accident survivors?

Absolutely. My message to other accident survivors is to never let their condition hinder them from achieving their dreams. It is important to keep pushing forward and not give up. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, I continue to work towards completing my degree. I believe that with determination and a positive mindset, we can overcome the challenges we face and achieve our goals. Don’t let your circumstances define you, but rather let your resilience and determination guide you towards success.

Source: The Nairobian

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