‘Ruto Is Already Planning For 2027’: Atwoli Warns Azimio

June 26, 2023

Central Organisation of Trade Union (Cotu) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has warned the Azimio La Umoja Coalition to get its house in order ahead of the 2027 General Election.

According to the outspoken trade unionist, President William Ruto has already made plans to defend his seat in about four years.

Atwoli was speaking in Khwisero constituency over the weekend as he explained that his unexpected endorsement of President William Ruto’s government came as no surprise to Azimio, despite his unwavering support for them during last year’s campaigns.

He admitted that he had discussed his intention to switch sides with the top leadership of Azimio, in the event of their loss to Kenya Kwanza.

“I told them (Azimio) that I am a workers’ leader and would work with the government of the day for the obvious reason of fighting for the interests of workers. I was categorical that I would dump them should Ruto win,” Atwoli said.

Adding: “Not only that, I am an elder and it’s just natural that I work with the president and advise him where I feel like for the common good of the people.”

Atwoli noted that he has worked with former heads of state such as Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki, and Uhuru Kenyatta, and he sees no issue with working with Ruto.

The COTU boss warned the Opposition of an impending defeat in 2027 saying they won’t stand a chance if they are not prepared.

“Ruto is not a walkover, he is sober and never sleeps. As we speak he is planning for 2027 (elections) and if you cut in on him and are not well prepared he will wipe the floor with you.”

The once vocal critic of Ruto showered the President with admiration, describing him as a receptive and thoughtful leader.

Atwoli described Ruto’s recent participation in the global workers’ forum in Switzerland, following an invitation from COTU, as evidence of a responsive leader who genuinely cares about the well-being of workers.

“He is the first sitting head of State from Kenya to address such a conference. Initially, we had invited former President Kibaki but he sent his deputies Kijana Wamalwa on the first invite and Kalonzo Musyoka on the second,” he said.

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