Ezekiel Mutua Clarifies “Attack” On Gospel Artistes

June 27, 2023

Music Copyright Society of Kenya CEO Ezekiel Mutua has clarified his recent complaints about the local gospel music industry, saying it was not an attack on gospel singers.

Last week, the former KFCB CEO complained that gospel stars have caused him the most untold frustration since he took over at MCSK.

“Since I joined MCSK a year ago, the people who have caused me the most pain and frustrated my efforts to revive the music industry are the so-called gospel artists,” he wrote on social media.

Mutua said Eric Omondi might have been justified to bash the gospel music industry.

“I think Eric Omondi was right. Something is wrong. We have lots of performers and few real gospel artists. SAD!” Ezekiel added.

Explaining his remarks in a YouTube interview with Mungai Eveo, Mutua said prominent gospel musicians often decline his invitations for meetings and annual general meetings (AGMs).

“It was not really an attack. I was just saying guys why aren’t you believing we can do this. We have to believe in ourselves. Those who claim to know the name of the Lord and to be the light should be at the forefront,” he said.

Mutua said the situation poses challenges in terms of leadership for him.

“The challenge I was giving was get involved, participate… Ezekiel Mutua will not do it alone. I need your support. Don’t be negative. We’ve got to work together. That is the message I was sending,” he explained.

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