Photos of Pastor Mackenzie’s home, farm in Shakahola Forest

May 26, 2023

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on Thursday, May 25 visited Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s residence, giving the general public a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse into the home of the cult leader nestled within the vast Shakahola forest.

The CS mentioned that he additionally visited Pastor Mackenzie’s farm, where the pastor has built a dam specifically for irrigation purposes.

“Visited part of Shakahola Forest where rogue preacher Mackenzie was residing, constructed dams for irrigation, and was growing various food crops despite radicalising his followers to starve to death,” Kindiki said in a social media statement.

CS Kindiki shared photos revealing the mud-walled dwelling of Pastor Mackenzie, which was filled with cluttered garments and scattered plastics, portraying a scene of unsanitary and impoverished living conditions.

During the visit, CS Kindiki said security officers had so far rescued 91 members of pastor Mackenzie’s church. He mentioned that some of the rescued victims have been refusing to eat while in hospital.

“Some of the victims have been resisting to eat while in hospital while one other person died while in hospital,” he said.

The CS also delivered a personal donation of assorted food items to the security officers and shared a meal with them.

Kindiki announced that the government will construct security roads within Chakama Ranch to enable the ground officers to comb the expansive forest and combine forces with the team conducting aerial surveillance to ensure any person still holed up in the thickets is rescued.

He said the search and rescue operation will be extended towards the border of Galana Kulalu and Tsavo East National Park, where, according to security and intelligence information, some of Mackenzie’s followers are fleeing

The CS also maintained: “All the orders gazetted on the 50,000-acre Chakama Ranch have been extended by 30 days. The area remains a crime scene and is out of bounds for all unauthorized persons.”

Meanwhile, the second phase of postmortem examinations on 129 bodies commenced at Malindi Sub-County Hospital Mortuary.

Under the guidance of Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor, the autopsy team will provide daily updates at 5 pm until the completion of the procedure.

As of Thursday, the number of fatalities attributed to the Shakahola cult reached 241, including five victims whose remains were discovered as skeletons within the 800-acre Shakahola forest.

Phase 3 of the exhumation will begin after the 129 autopsies are conducted.

“We will not leave any body behind and the government will not hide any information. It takes years to prove cases of genocide and crimes against humanity but we want to ensure that security agencies will provide watertight case,” Kindiki added.

Photos of Pastor Mackenzie’s home:

Kindiki donates food to Security officers

CS Kindiki with the autopsy team led by Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor

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