Woman Strips Naked Outside Governor Mung’aro’s Residence

April 13, 2023

There was drama at the home of Kilifi County Governor Gideon Mung’aro Tuesday morning after a woman stripped naked outside the gate, demanding to see the county boss.

The young woman said to be in her twenties told reporters that she wanted an audience with Governor Mung’aro to protest a lack of justice. The woman said she had been sexually assaulted and that her quest for justice through the police service was being frustrated.

She said she did not trust the country’s justice system, and that is why she resorted to undressing to capture the governor’s attention.

The woman turned up at the Governor’s residence at around 10 am wearing only her panty and a pair of sandals.

She said she went to the county boss’s home after learning that he was away from his office.

At the gate, however, security guards denied her access, with her pleas falling on deaf ears. She was informed that Governor Mung’aro had left for official duties.

The woman reportedly camped outside the gate for nearly two hours before she left, vowing to return until she met Governor Mung’aro.

The woman  – name withheld for ethical reasons – is said to be a women’s and human rights activist in Kilifi County.

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