Watch: DJ Brownskin’s Father-in-law Speaks Out, “I want my daughter to get justice”

April 5, 2023

The bereaved father to the late Sharon Njeri, wife of DJ Brownskin, has spoken out days after a video emerged showing the reported last moments of the couple.

The undated video captured the moment Sharon Njeri allegedly ingested a poisonous concoction, with DJ Brownskin said to be behind the camera.

Ms Njeri died in July of 2022, but it was not until last weekend that footage of her reported last moments emerged online, sending shock waves across the country.

And now, a man identifying himself as the father of the deceased has spoken to the media.

Albert Mwangi Irungu said it was wrong of DJ Brownskin to record the video when the mother of his children was in such a sensitive situaion.

Huwezi chukua video ya mtu mumezaa na yeye watoto wawili akifa…ata kama umekosewa namna gani. Yani yeye anakupenda, anakufa kwa ajili ya mapenzi yako lakini wewe unachukua video akifa. Hiyo ndio reward unaweza mpatia?…Wewe ulipeleka maiti hosi, hukupelekla mgonjwa,” he said.

(You cannot record a video of someone with whom you have sired two children dying. She loved you and died for that love but you chose to record her. Is that how you reward her?… You took a deceased person to the hospital, not a sick one. You had the time to take video but not to save her life?”)

Mr Mwangi said the leaked video had uncovered wounds he was trying to heal from since last year.

He said he only wants justice for his daughter and does not hold a grudge against anyone.

“I just want to be satisfied as a parent. I want my daughter to get justice,” he said.

Watch Sharon Njeri’s father in the video below.



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