Mudavadi Calls For Technology Use To Enhance Equity Within The Society

April 4, 2023
Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadihas urged players in the ICT sector and tech-savvy youth to embrace the opportunities presented by the digital space to place Kenya on the competitive global technology map and enhance job creation in the country.

Speaking at the 12th edition of the Connect Summit conference in Kwale county, Mudavadi emphasized the need for sustainable technological innovations that will catalyze growth in Kenya’s economy, broaden equality, and not enhance inequality within the society.

“I urge the players in this sector to be thorough so and they should not introduce technology that will excite us in 2 months then become obsolete. We need technological innovations that will be sustainable to catalyze growth in our economy, broaden equality and not enhance inequality within the society.” said Mudavadi.

He assured that the government is committed to ensuring that the landscape in the digital space remains an area where full potential must be tapped, and leveraging new opportunities in the digital market will go hand in hand with embracing innovations.

“Technology is the next frontier of government operations and businesses. This goes hand in hand with what every citizen privy to tech-solution-based approaches to various challenges facing us should be thinking about moving forward,” said Mudavadi

“We have to leverage on the Power that will transform and create opportunities for all. We should utilize skills and resources at our disposal to grow talent and create job opportunities basing on technological advancements available to us.”

Mudavadi further revealed that the government is currently undertaking a comprehensive implementation programme for the digital superhighway, which will play a critical role in enabling Kenya to revolutionize the provision of health, agriculture, housing, MSE’s, and financial services.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary also emphasized the need to have, develop and adopt digital solutions that will promote transparency in decision making processes, openness in interaction with citizens and improve efficiency of state agencies to mitigate the human factor and reduce aspects of corruption.

The ongoing connect summit 2013 under the ICT Authority aims at achieving maximum returns as far as embracing technology is concerned.

Also present today were ICT and Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary, Eliud Owalo, Principal Secretaries Eng John Tanui (State Department of ICT and Digital Economy), Edward Kisiangani (Broadcasting and Telecommunications), Sylvanus Maritim the Board Chairman ICT Authority, Ezra Chiloba Director General Communications Authority, Stanley Kamanguya Chief Executive Officer ICT Authority and National Assembly ICT Committee Chair John Kiarie among other notable players in the ICT sector. The conference ends on Wednesday.

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