Yvete Obura: “Stop Saying I am Stuck in Bahati’s Life”

March 16, 2023

Yvette Obura has dismissed claims that she has never moved on from celebrity musician Bahati.

Speaking during a live TikTok session with her fans, Yvette said she has been dating for two years now and her only association with Bahati is for the sake of their daughter, Mueni.

A fan also asked the businessman whether she had listened to the new song by Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua – ‘Narudi Soko’.

She said: “I have seen the song but I am not dating Bahati. My boyfriend is Kamba. Si Bahati pekee yake ni Mkamba. Stop saying I am stuck in Bahati’s life yet he is a married man. My God! I have been dating for two years.”

Yvette Obura also explained that she cannot escape Bahati because he is her baby daddy.

“Ati nimekwamilia baba ya wenyewe! Sijamkwamilia. Si ni baba wa mtoto wangu, sasa nitafanya?” she posed.

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