Exploring the Different Types of Bets Used by Punters in the Nigerian Football Market

March 17, 2023

Did you know that the football betting market in Nigeria is booming? It’s a dynamic industry that offers many betting options to punters. From single bets to over/under bets, Asian handicap bets to accumulator bets, the possibilities are endless! 

What makes it even more exciting is that each type of bet comes with its own pros and cons, giving punters the freedom to choose the betting strategy that fits their preferences.

So, whether you’re a risk-taker or prefer a more conservative approach, the Nigerian football betting market has you covered.

Overview of Football Betting in Nigeria

Football is one of the most popular sports in Nigeria, with millions of fans following local and international leagues. Football betting is huge in Nigeria, with a thriving industry and plenty of bookmakers offering many betting options.

The market has grown even more with mobile technology and online access, allowing easy betting from home. Football betting is fun for Nigerians because they can engage with their favorite teams and potentially win big.

Different Types of Bets Used by Punters in Nigerian Football Markets

Lots of people in Nigeria like to bet on football matches. They can select different bets, like assuming who will win or how many goals will be scored.

Knowing about the different bet types and, for example, how to place a bet on 1xBet helps you make a bet on sports and win more money. 

In Nigeria, people who like to bet on football have other options. They can place a single bet on one game or combine multiple bets.

There are many types of bets to be placed on football on Nigerian betting websites. Here are some kinds of betting available in Nigeria.

Single Bets And Accumulators

✅ Single Bet ☑️ Accumulator Bet
🙂 A single bet on a Nigerian betting platform is a type of bet where a punter takes a chance on a single outcome of a match, such as which team will win or if there will be a draw.  😀 An accumulator is a bet offered on Nigerian betting platforms that allow punters to bet on multiple outcomes within a single chance.
🙂 This type of bet is easy and leisurely to understand, making it a famous option among punters. 😀 This type of bet can pay out more than single bets, but it’s riskier since all outcomes must be correct for the bet to win.
🙂 The payout for a single bet depends on the odds, meaning higher odds lead to higher potential payouts. 😀 The potential payout increases as more bets are added to the accumulator, combining the possible winnings from each bet.

Handicap Betting And Asian Handicaps

👏 Handicap Betting 👍 Asian Handicaps
🙂 Handicap betting is a type of bet that gives one team a virtual advantage or disadvantage to even the odds. 😀 Asian handicaps are a variation of handicap betting that eliminates the possibility of a draw and offers a range of handicaps.
🙂 Example: If a team is the clear favorite to win a match, the bookmaker may give the other team a virtual advantage to even out the odds. For example, if Team A is favored to win by two goals, the bookmaker might give Team B a +2 goal advantage. For the bet to be a winner, Team A must win by three goals or more for the bet to be a winner. If they win by exactly two goals, the result is a draw, and the bet is refunded. 😀 Example: With Asian handicaps, the possibility of a draw is eliminated by offering a range of handicaps. For example, if Team A is the clear favorite, the bookmaker might offer handicaps of -1, -1.5, or -2. If the bettor chooses “Team A -1.5, they will win the bet if Team A wins by two goals or more. If they win by exactly one goal, the bet is a draw, and half the stake is refunded. If they win by less than 1 goal, the match ends in a draw; if Team B wins, the bet is lost.


Both handicap betting and Asian handicaps are popular betting options for football fans in Nigeria and worldwide. They offer a chance to win big while adding an extra layer of excitement to the match. 

Over/Under Betting

Many online sportsbooks in Nigeria offer Over/Under betting on many sports events, including football, basketball, and tennis.

Some platforms even allow bettors to make Over/Under bets on specific events within a match or game, such as the number of corners or fouls committed. In this type of bet, you assume that the total number of points or goals scored in a sports game will be higher or lower than a specific number set by the sportsbook.

For example, in football, a bookmaker might set the Over/Under threshold for total goals in a game at 2.5. If you bet on Over 2.5, you win if three or more goals are scored in the game.

If you bet on Under 2.5, you win if two or fewer goals are scored in the game.

Winning Strategies For Football Betting In Nigeria

Here are some strategies for football betting in Nigeria:

🔍 Don’t Let Emotions Cloud Your Judgment: It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a big game, but it’s important to stay objective when placing your bets. Avoid letting your emotions influence your decisions and stick to your research and strategy.

🔍 Stay Disciplined: Betting can be addictive, so punters need to stay disciplined and stick to their goals. This means setting achievable targets, managing your bankroll, and avoiding impulsive bets. With discipline, punters will be able to make more rational decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

🔍Managing Your Bankroll: Managing your bankroll involves setting a budget and not betting more than you can afford to lose to avoid negatively impacting your financial situation.

🔍 Learn From Your Mistakes: Even the most experienced punters make mistakes, but it’s essential to learn from them and use them to improve your strategy. Reflect on your past bets, identify where you went wrong, and make adjustments moving forward.

Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Profits When Betting On Football In Nigeria

🏆 Shop Around For The Best Odds: Different bookmakers offer different odds on the same game, so it’s always worth shopping around to find the best value for your bets. By comparing odds across multiple bookmakers, punters can maximize their potential winnings.

🏆 Watch the Live Games: If possible, watch the live games in Nigeria. It is essential  to understand better the teams and players involved. This will provide valuable insights to help you make more informed bets.

🏆 Follow Expert Tips: Many websites, social media accounts, and blogs provide expert tips on football matches. While research is essential, these expert tips can give you additional insight and help you make more informed decisions.

🏆 Keep Up With The Latest News: Football is a constantly evolving sport, with player injuries, transfers, and other news that can impact the outcome of a game. By staying updated with the latest news and developments, punters can make more informed bets and increase their chances of winning.

🏆 Consider Live Betting: Live betting allows punters to place bets during a game, with real-time odds adjusting based on the score and other factors. This can be a great way to find value in a game without favorable pre-match odds.

🏆 Consider Different Betting Markets: There are many different betting markets for punters in Nigeria. Each market has its own rules and options, so take the time to understand them and find the ones that work best for you. From over/under bets to handicaps, there’s something for everyone.

🏆 Take Advantage of Promotions: Many bookmakers offer promotions and bonuses to new and existing customers. Take advantage of these offers to maximize your profits and reduce your risk. For example, you can check the promotional section on 1xBet.

Common Mistakes Made By Punters When Placing Bets On Nigerian Football Matches

If you’re placing bets on Nigerian football matches, you must avoid common mistakes that could cost you money. Keep an eye out for these few things:

🧐 Not doing enough research before placing a bet.
📈 Placing too much importance on the current form instead of considering other factors.
🤑 Chasing losses by placing larger bets than usual.
📉 Not managing their bankroll effectively and placing too much money on one bet.
🙅‍♂️ Allowing emotions to cloud your judgment and making impulsive bets.
🤷‍♀️ Focusing too much on odds instead of considering the likelihood of an outcome.
🚫 Ignoring important team news such as injuries, suspensions, or transfers.
🤕 Placing bets based on biased or incomplete information.
🤔 Failing to consider the impact of external factors such as weather conditions or travel.
⚽️ Being too confident in your knowledge of football and underestimating the unpredictability of the sport.

Final Thoughts on How to Become a Successful Punter with Nigerian Football Betting

If you want to be a successful Nigerian football betting punter, you need to keep a few essential things in mind.

First, you should do your homework and keep informed about the latest news and updates in the Nigerian football world. This way, you can make intelligent decisions when placing your bets.

Second, you must be careful with managing your bankroll and avoid making rash bets or tracking losses.

Lastly, while it’s essential to enjoy the excitement of betting, you must also bet responsibly.

Following these tips and methods can increase your chances of success and make you a better punter in Nigerian football betting. Good luck.

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