Residents of South C estate in Nairobi are up in arms over noise pollution at a neighbouring mosque.

The residents of Bandari Apartments, Highway estate, Real Estate, KPA Estate, Wambco Apartments, Keliwad, Sulton Park, and its environs said the mosque hosted in one of the apartments in Taah Heights is a nightmare.

“It’s crazy to be honest, I don’t have a problem with people worshipping but the mosque is too noisy and it’s becoming unbearable. We have been complaining even to the mosque’s leadership but no one seems to care,” resident Cheptoek Boyo laments.

The South C dwellers decried that their local leaders ignored their pleas. They claim to have reached out to Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, area MP Jalang’o, and MCA Abbas Khalif.

“The right to religion has to be respected. However, when one’s rights are violated, then that is wrong. We demand action. The loud noise for prayer calls from 5 am and during the day and night is excessive,” added Allan Mwaura, who resides in Highway Estate.

Another resident, Anna Mwangi, said a residential apartment should not be allowed to host a place of worship.

“Residences and religious centers should be set up in separate areas. This is why we are experiencing this problem because the mosque is hosted in one of the apartments,” she said.

The residents want Governor Sakaja to take similar measures as he did to reduce noise pollution from nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in residential areas.