President William Ruto on Wednesday presided over the official opening of a level five AAR Hospital in Kiambu.

The 140-bed state-of-the-art facility which began operations in 2021 was constructed at a cost of Sh3.5 billion through the support of various partners which include the World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation, International Fund for Health in Africa and Swedfund.

It has four operating theatres and boasts a 12-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It also has a nine-bed High Dependency Unit (HDU) and a modern neonatal ICU.

The facility is managed through Hospital Holdings Investment (HHI).

Speaking at the opening, President Ruto said the Government will refine and repackage incentives to attract more healthcare providers in the country.

President William Ruto said such a facilitative framework will enhance the well-being of the people.

“We are committed to the active promotion of a healthcare system that is robustly attentive to preventive and curative healthcare,” he said.

The President assured investors that Kenya is a safe, secure, stable democratic state anchored on the rule of law.

Further, the President explained that the country has a well-developed legal system that guarantees the security of property rights.

“Our democracy is robust and accountable while the Judiciary is independent and effective. Kenya is a highly attractive investment spot,” he reiterated.

The President noted that the Government will intensify and sustain its commitment to improving Kenya’s economic competitiveness.

He added that the Government will endeavour to lower the cost of medicines and medical commodities.

“Our vision is to enhance the health of every Kenyan in order to make them live longer, happier and more productive.”

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