Eric Omondi Released on Bail, says “Voices of the Masses will be Heard”

February 23, 2023

Comedian Eric Omondi was Wednesday, February 22, charged in court after he was arrested for leading demonstrations against the rising cost of living.

The funnyman, alongside 17 others, was charged with creating an unlawful assembly along parliament road on Tuesday, February 21.

The accused denied the charges, and through their lawyers Danstan Omari and Kimani Wachira, they told trial magistrate Lucas Onyina that they went to parliament seeking audience with MPs to address the high cost of living.

They said they never took part in any other activity or destroyed property and were only expressing concerns of over 50 million Kenyans.

Lawyer Omari told the magistrate that all the accused are content creators, adding that Omondi is a Kenyan global brand

“They went to parliament to get a solution on the current high cost of living. I urge the court to take judicial notice that 6 million Kenyans are on the verge of starving,” Omari said.

“The state has criminalized these national heroes fighting for them. They are irritants to the government,” he added.

Omari asked the court to grant them a personal bond or cash bail of 5,000 saying the young men cannot afford food on their table.

“We are urging you to look at article 37 on the right to picket and 33 on the freedom of expression. Allow them to go home so that they can continue to entertain us on TV,” Omari said.

The prosecution did not oppose their release on bail.

Magistrate Onyina released the accused on a Sh10,000 cash bail each or a Sh20,000 bond plus one surety.

The court further directed the prosecution to provide defense lawyers with all documentary evidence and witness statements to be relied upon during the trial.

The matter will be mentioned on March 6 for pre-trial.

Meanwhile, Eric Omondi has remained defiant following his arrest.

The content creator indicated he is not yet done demonstrating against the government.

“It’s darkest before dawn. Today we spend the night on the floor in the dark but tomorrow the sun will rise,” Omondi said.

He added: “The voices of the Masses will be heard.”


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