Court Sentences Man Who Defiled His Daughter, Told Her It Was The Devil

February 24, 2023

“The devil was you!” These were the words of a magistrate as he sentenced a 42-year-old man who sexually abused his 11-year-old daughter and lied to her that it was the devil who did despicable things to her.

Mombasa Principal Magistrate Vincent Adet ruled that the prosecution had proven its case beyond any reasonable doubt that Johnson Idia Muyoma had a tendency of raping his own daughter and informing her that it was the evil spirits who had visited her.

“The court has established that the minor would wake up with unusual stunts, with pain in her vag*na and wetness and you would assure her that it was the devil who had visited her at night and did funny things and you further told her that the devil would come later on at night while indeed the devil was you,” magistrate Adet said.

The particulars were that Idia Muyoma defiled his daughter on diverse dates between December 23, 2021, and February 2, 2022, at Mji wa Ngombe area in Jomvu sub-county within Mombasa county.

The judge said a doctor’s report that was adduced before his court indicated that the minor had an injury on her v*gina, lacerations on the labia minora, and the hymen was broken.

“In as much as he is under no obligation to aid the prosecution in discharging the burden of proof, he has steered clear from the happenings of the alleged day and explains only how he was arrested, ostensibly oblivious that any mention of the dates would fix him,” Adet noted.

“The accused is thus convicted for the offence of incest contrary to section 20 (1) of the Sexual Offences Act and pursuant to the procedural provisions of section 215 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Since the main count has been proved, the alternative rests in abeyance,” he added.

The court sentenced the sex pest to 40 years in prison and granted him 14 days to appeal his sentence.

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