Judge Thanks Sakaja For Obeying Court Summons Over Matatu CBD Ban

December 16, 2022

Lady Justice Hedwig Ong’udi on Thursday thanked Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja for obeying court summons over the ban of matatus in the CBD.

Sakaja was set to appear in court in the morning but kept the court waiting for over 40 minutes.

Through his lawyer Duncan Okatch, Sakaja said he was in a presidential function and asked the court for more time to allow him to log into the virtual court.

Okatch nonetheless said the county official in charge of the directive to move long-distance PSVs to the Green Park was in court and he could answer any questions from court.

But Justice Hedwig was adamant that the summon was for Governor Sakaja.

“Do you know why I asked for the first respondent to be present in court today? Who told you I wanted to ask him questions,” the judge posed.

Sakaja eventually appeared virtually at around noon.

The Judge told the governor that the reason she called him was to find out if he can sit down with the 10 petitioners who are challenging his directive.

While addressing the court, Sakaja clarified that matatus have not been removed from the CBD. He explained that they can pick up passengers in the CBD but they will drop them off at the green park terminus.

Sakaja mentioned that he held meetings with Sacco officials and they all agreed to drop the passengers at the new terminal.

The governor further agreed to meet the petitioners to discuss the way forward for the benefit of all parties.

He said that’s to maintain order in the CBD adding that the saccos are happy with the new arrangement that was agreed upon by all parties.

Sakaja said once the passengers are dropped there are shuttles waiting to drop them at the CBD.

The judge thanked the governor for finding time in his busy schedule to join the court.

Justice Hedwig said she wanted Governor Sakaja specifically so that he could address the matter considering it’s coming at a time when most Kenyans will be traveling for the festivities.

The case will be mentioned on December 19.

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