Babu Owino – I Receive Nude Photos On A Daily Basis

December 7, 2022

Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino has spoken out about receiving nude photos from women on his social media pages.

Babu says he receives naughty pictures from Kenyan women almost every day. He admitted that he gets tempted but takes it as a challenge to try and identify why such women resort to such desperate measures.

“I receive naughty photos almost on a daily basis from very beautiful ladies. I try and understand why they are sending these naughty photos; life is really hard. If it takes a woman to send naughty photos, probably there is something lacking that she is looking for and I consider this a challenge,” he said in an interview with the Nation.

Babu Owino noted that he does not judge the women who send him unsolicited nudes.

“Napata DMs kali sana, temptation very serious,” he joked, adding: “I don’t judge them, I treat it as a challenge, probably there is something that a person wants, either love or financial assistance, or guidance.”

“As a leader, this is what we go through. Leaders are like a madman’s basket where all the trash is put together,” Babu said.

The former University of Nairobi student leader also disclosed that he has millions of unread messages in his inboxes.

“I do respond to my DMs but not all, I have 18 million messages on Facebook, 6.8 million messages on Instagram and 12 million messages on my mail. It is not particularly possible to respond to all these but randomly I do respond,” he said.

Babu Owino nonetheless encouraged Kenyans to keep sending him messages.

“I will tell Kenyans not to get tired of sending the messages, one day I will respond, don’t give up.”

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