10 Leading Causes of Road Fatalities This December

December 21, 2022

As the country grapples with rising cases of road accidents in Kenya, the National Transport and Safety has revealed the top 10 causes of road accidents in Kenya.

According to the statistics, the leading cause of road fatalities for the first half of December was losing control. Between December 5 and 13, 26 people lost their lives as a result of vehicles that lost control while in transit.

Shockingly, the second leading cause of death on Kenyan roads could not be traced but claimed 23 lives.

NTSA identified overtaking improperly as the third leading cause of fatalities this December. The traffic offense claimed the lives of 14 people between December 5 and 13.

Another 12 people died from drivers who failed to stay in the right lane. Speeding came in fifth with 11 fatalities.

According to the weekly statistics, drivers that misjudged clearance caused six deaths.

NTSA in its Tuesday report said pedestrians stepping, walking or running off a footpath into the road led to four fatalities.

Pedestrians who crossed without due diligence at road junctions caused three deaths.

The stats show brake failure, playing on the road, walking or standing on the road, and crossing a road not marked by stationary vehicle each caused two fatalities

Turning left or right without due care, failing to stop to afford passage to pedestrians at crossing sites, and stealing rides were the least cause of fatalities with one each.

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