Kasarani Building Developer Committed Murder, says Sakaja

November 17, 2022

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja has called for the developer of a building that collapsed in Kasarani on Tuesday to be charged with murder.

This after it emerged that county authorities had stopped the construction of the seven-storey building sometime last year.

Authorities from the National Constructions Authority (NCA) also visited the site on Tuesday and advised workers to leave the construction site immediately.

City hall officers also visited the site but their warning was reportedly ignored by the supervisor in charge.

As of Wednesday afternoon, at least three people, including a vendor, were confirmed dead. Kenya Red Cross officials said six others were rescued.

Governor Sakaja visited the site Wednesday morning, where rescue operations were still ongoing. He condoled with the families who lost their loved ones in the building collapse and promised to take the developer to court.

“These people came here to try and earn a living but lost their lives. This tragedy was caused by corruption and impunity. We pass our condolences and sympathies, and we will find a way to support those families,” he said

“This building had an enforcement notice starting last year. Yesterday, the National Constructions Authority (NCA) was here and closed the site but the contractor went on. As a county, we are going to take action.”

Sakaja directed police to find the developer and have him charged with murder.

“He did not get any permit from the county. But because of impunity, he decided to go on. He needs to be charged with murder. This is murder,” he said.

Adding: “How much money can replace the lives of those we have lost? We are using the wrong building materials and wrong standards of building yet our country has standards of building. If I find any officer from Nairobi County having been culpable, they will go home and they will be charged.”

NCA said it had arrested three people from the site, and that there was no registered constructor on the site during the inspection.

The authority also mentioned that 3 out of 10 buildings under construction in Nairobi are non-compliant.

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