Top Kenyan companies go out of their way to treat clients on Customer Service Week

October 8, 2022

As the weekend rolls in, the Customer Care Week is also coming to a close after a week of heightened activities that saw top companies pulling all the stops as they treated their customers to brilliant surprises.

As a form of rewards, clients were treated to all manner of gifts, free services, entertainment, freebies and even cash tokens – while, others, even getting free fuel courtesy of their companies.

For starters, Sportpesa took to town and bought free fuel to hundreds of loyal Sportpesa adherents from across Nairobi and Kiambu Counties.

To top it up, hundreds more were treated to free lunch in the form of nyama choma at Burma Market, where activities reached feverpitch with large crowds gathering for the free mbuzi.

Speaking about the events, Sportpesa spokespersons said, “This is our appreciation to our customers and the public at large for supporting the company and remaining loyal across the years.”

At Kenya Airways, things were a little different and interesting as the national carrier hired the services of top Kenyan band Kayamba Africa to entertain travellers as they waited to board the plane.

Normally, waiting at the lounges can be a tiring and boring affair but Kenya Power made it all smooth and fun as the band sang beautiful tunes to an elated audience.

GPC Kenya, a leading fertilizer company, is another company that went out of its way to satisfy their customers and leave a mark across the nation.

Early Friday morning, GPC, in conjunction with SBL Limited, threw a sweet surprise in the form of customized cakes to all of the farmers and staff at various National Cereals Board outlets in Kenya.

The beautifully-emblazoned cakes, featuring the company’s logo, were then shared out amongst farmers, staff members, clients and anyone around as cake-cutting became the order of the day.

Every part of the country was roped in – from Nanyuki to Embu, Eldoret to Narok, as farmers flocked to have a bite of the cake and also, unbeknownst to them, cash tokens, keyholders, notebooks and branded gumboots.

“We felt the need to give back to the community and appreciate our customers on this day. It’s always good to reward the people who are most loyal to your products and this is one of the ways we though best,” Hilda, GPC spokesperson, said.

Photos of elated clients, farmers and officials, cutting and eating cake, made the rounds across the internet Friday afternoon.

Customer Service Week runs during the first work week of October, and this year it run from October 3 through October 7.

The week-long observation recognizes those who keep customers informed, keep customers satisfied, and keep companies running.

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