“I Was Offered Millions To Fix Uhuru at ICC,” Ex-Mungiki Leader Ndura Waruinge

October 18, 2022

Former Mungiki sect leader Ndura Waruinge has claimed that he was offered money to fix former President Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Speaking to KTN News on Sunday, October 16, the preacher claimed officials of the court wanted him to falsify testimony against Uhuru in the 2007-08 Post-Election Violence case.

Waruinge said he was not a witness in the case but was approached by former ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo and two top Kenyan politicians to sign documents with some written evidence against Uhuru.

“I was not an ICC witness but the ICC prosecutor Ocampo came to me in 2014 and requested me to sign a letter that had some sort of written evidence explaining how Uhuru Kenyatta paid me to go and kill,” Waruinge said, adding that he was offered Ksh40 million.

“He was accompanied by two well-known Kenyan politicians and told me that they would pay me Ksh40 million as long as I appended my signature,” he added.

Waruinge said he asked for more time to consult his wife but he instead informed President Uhuru before turning down the bribe.

“I told them that I would like to consult with my wife on the matter after which I would get back to them. I immediately called Uhuru and told him that they wanted to fix him,” he narrated.

“Uhuru asked me to go to a hotel in Kampala where I met his lawyer, Karim Khan, and wrote statements in favour of Uhuru.”

The ICC case against Uhuru was dropped in December 2014 due to lack of evidence.

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