Raila Slams Ruto Over DRC has no Cow Comment

February 17, 2022

Leading presidential candidate Raila Odinga has launched a scathing attack on his main rival Deputy President William Ruto for saying there are no cows in DRC.

Ruto made the remark on Monday while campaigning in Nyeri. He told local farmers there is a big market for their dairy produce in DR Congo.

“We have a market in DR Congo…these people who are (just) singers… These people have a population of about 90 million but they don’t own a single cow,” he said.

Ruto also described the Congolese as high-waist trouser wearers and musicians, sparking backlash from both Congolese and Kenyans.

Raila Odinga was among the dissenting voices as he accused Ruto of scuppering diplomatic ties between Kenya and DRC.

“Ruto’s attack on DRC is a manifestation of a reckless lack of vision and foresight; a pathetic failure to see where opportunities abound for Kenya, DRC produces,” Raila said.

The ODM leader said he was disappointed by Ruto’s remarks and demanded that he apologises.

“As a person who has worked diligently alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta in deepening the ties that bind our two countries, I have been very disturbed and deeply disappointed bu utterances of deputy president William Ruto that poured scorn in an otherwise friendly and enterprising nation that also holds  Kenya in high esteem,” Raila said.

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