Nairobi to Have 17 Modern Waste Management Centres

December 3, 2021

In a bid to rid the capital city Nairobi of its never-ending garbage, the City County has embarked on a project to construct 17 modern waste management centres.

The centres, called Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), will use modern waste recycling technology to convert waste into reusable materials.

“Nairobi is transitioning from the linear model of ‘consume and dispose of’ to the circular model that is geared towards a zero-waste city,” said Environment executive Larry Wambua.

“Some 17 sites have been identified across the city and are earmarked for the construction of recycling facilities. It is a long-term plan that has components to be achieved in the short term.”

Two such centres are under construction at the Muthurwa market in Starehe constituency and Mowlem in Embakasi West sub-county.

The facilities will be overseen by selected community members alongside county officials.

Through the centres, waste will be collected according to three different colour codes; Green for organic waste, Blue for recyclable waste and Brown for other forms of waste.

“In addition, a feasibility study is being undertaken in preparation for an appropriate final disposal site for waste that is not recyclable,” Larry Wambua added.

The new facilities are expected to cause a behaviour change among city dwellers so that they can stop certain waste disposal methods such as burning waste in the open.

“We will continue sensitising Nairobians against open burning of waste. We have seen a progressive change in areas where it has stopped. Behaviour change may take a long time to be achieved and we have to make public engagement a continuous process,” Wambua said.

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