Meet Set Stylist Melanie Kijedi

October 25, 2021

Melanie Kijedi20, is a fashion content creator, set stylist, and founder and CEO of Apparel Essentials.

She chats with PeopleDaily about her styling journey.

What does fashion and style mean to you?

Fashion and style is a form of art and self-expression.

Describe your style?

It is simple and timeless, and has evolved over time. When I was younger, I dressed up exactly like the characters I saw in the childhood TV shows that I was watching at the time. Right now, that does not happen as much. I now love vintage pieces.

What drew you to these two? 

It was the desire to express myself in the most authentic way possible. I have always loved fashion ever since I was young, and I was very excited to start choosing my own clothes in high school.

I feel that one can easily express themselves through the outfits and style they choose.

How important do you think fashion and style are to a person? 

I am a firm believer in the common expression that when you look good, you feel good.

Every time I get dressed up, it somehow feels like I am getting a new chance to choose who I want to be, and how I want to feel for that day.

Plus, people will always judge you based on how you dress even though they say nothing about it.

Where do you get your outfit ideas from? 

It’s mainly from Pinterest, movies, music videos and TV shows that I like. I am passionate about fashion design and it’s something I would really like to do in the future.

What is set styling? 

Set styling is the creation of a scene prior to shooting. It basically involves setting up backgrounds and creating props to align with a particular themed concept.

I spend a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest looking at amazing shoot ideas with rally cool sets and it seemed interesting to me if I tried creating my own sets then photographing myself in them.

Which fashion icons do you look up to? 

Yara Shahidi and Solange Knowles. I feel like their outfits have a lot of personality and are uniquely their own.

What role does grooming play in fashion? 

Grooming simply shows that you care for your body and appearance. You can easily develop outfits and establish your personal style once your body is cared for.

My grooming routines are pretty simple. I have a simple skin care routine, I maintain my hair and nails and I also make sure I smell good.

What is your best fashion buy? 

My best fashion buy has to be a pair of blue denim mum jeans. I literally wear them every time I have a hard time picking out an outfit or any time I need to wear something super comfortable and simple.

What is your number one fashion pet peeve? 

Biker shorts without a doubt.

What can you not leave the house without?

Any type of lip care be it lip-gloss or lip balm.

What is your favourite scent?

YSL Libre. Just like style, scent is a form of self-expression and it helps bring your entire look and image together.

Some style tips for the ladies? 

Establish a capsule wardrobe and just wear what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you feel like yourself.

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