In what is now clearly appearing to be an apparent plot to recruit and brainwash as many people as possible into his hideous web of ‘cryptolization’ Joe Kariuki, the deep-pocketed City business magnate has now oved from the Cities of Mombasa and Nairobi to smaller towns, villages and County wards to try and sell his gospel and convert masses into his ‘Cult’.

Joe hit the headlines a month ago after it was discovered that he was recruiting wealthy businessmen, politicians and CEOs into a secret club called ‘Powered Up’ that saw thousands line up waiting to join and make money from it.

After the blogs outed him and exposed his ways, Joe went under for a week before re-emerging again with fresh and swanky offices in Mombasa where he used young Coastal girls to lure wealthy white men into his suspicious Pessacoin crypto world.

News of his fishy activities spread like bushfire and Joe is said to have sought a hideout in Eldoret -where he also has offices – while avoiding the media and dodging questions from the press.

The savvy businessman, who also hit the headlines with his WRC Safari Rally stunts in Naivasha, hiring an entire Ksh. 100,000 per night Resort for his team and flaunting his Ksh. 20 Million Ford Mustang, seems to now have come back from hiding and seems to have found yet another way to confuse the masses and join them in his ever-spreading ‘Crypto Church’.

‘It’s like a Church of sorts. I don’t get it. These people have been flocking to his offices all day, every day. My wife is part of the gang too. I ask her what exactly is this 51 Capital thing and what she goes there to do and she doesn’t even explain it properly to me. It’s like she has found a new Church. She goes there daily with hundreds of other women and we, the people in the village are unable to understand this man, what he is doing and what he is preaching to our people,’ A man who declined to be named, said to us.

Our sources have told us that Joe Kariuki and his team have been ferrying huge crowds of people, both young and old, men and women into remote, arid areas to train them, recruit them and brainwash them into the 51 Capital syndicate.

“Yes, Its true… We have been meeting teams. And Yes, we have been meeting in open areas to avoid crowding due to the Coronavirus. Forget all the nonsense about secret meeting places. It’s all crap. And about what we are teaching people, I encourage you to visit and know for yourself ,” a Joe Kariuki spokesman said.

We talked to a top sociologist and media expert to explain to us what exactly a man like Joe Kariuki might be doing to the masses.

‘This man is operating like a Cult leader. Like people like Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saints Church or like L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology Church in Los Angeles. His tactic is to appear to be selling a new idea, market it widely, attract the masses, recruit people, make them bow to you, do your will and eventually confuse them. There is no way all these crowds are leaving their homes allover the Country to come to this man’s offices daily. He must be a master hypnotizer,’ Mary Muthee, an expert, said.

From as far as Moyale to Isiolo, Nanyuki to Narok, Malaba to Matuu, Joe Kariuki has been setting up offices almost overnight and attracting masses to them daily.

Many don’t seem to know what this man is really up to. And many seem to have been blinded by his powers already.