Atwoli’s Street Sign Burned and Vandalized on Monday Night

June 15, 2021

After deploying two guards to act as ‘CCTVs’ watching over a road sign with his name on it, COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli is certainly an unhappy man this morning.

On Monday night, unidentified persons lit up the street sign in a car tyre bonfire.

Kenyans have opposed the renaming of the road in Kileleshwa for Atwoli, accusing him of not deserving that privilege, and the county government for not consulting.

Activist Boniface Mwangi even swore to bring it down, but upon visiting the site was met by men camping there to guard it. He opted to avoid confrontation on that day.

That however did not deter Kenyans from seeking its removal. It is unclear who vandalized it this time round.

Atwoli has issued a statement claiming that he is ‘not hurt by its removal’. He added that the act will haunt those responsible for life.

“My name is all over the world and doesn’t require a street signage for them to know who Francis Atwoli is,” the statement continued.

Here it is in full.

This is the second time the signage has been vandalized. The first time that happened, Nairobi County officials quickly mobilized staff to bring it back up, this time with a concrete base.

And like clockwork, officials were sent to the scene this morning to put it back up, which raises even more questions on county priorities in a city where even the mere act of getting your garbage collected is a tall order.

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