My Ex-fiancée Dumped me Without an Explanation – Ex Tahidi High Actor

May 11, 2021

Former Tahidi high actor Hiram Maina has opened up on how his ex-girlfriend ended their relationship without any explanation whatsoever.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Hiram said they were engaged to be married and they had even planned their wedding.

“I was in a serious relationship, I proposed and even went for family introductions and then she broke up with me,” he narrated.

“She met me and told me she could not continue with the relationship. When I looked at her finger she did not have the engagement ring. I was crushed as I did not see it coming, everything stopped. We were planning our wedding to be in the next two months.”

Hiram said to date, he has never known why she broke off their engagement.

On how he got over the heartbreak, Hiram said he is a prayerful person so when his ex ended the relationship, he accepted it as God’s purpose.

“Healing takes time. I still feel like she owes me an explanation. I tell people to be careful about how they end things. You should tell someone the reason you are breaking up with them, it helps one heal. If I knew the reason she left me, maybe I would have healed a long time ago.”

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