Man Threatens To Shoot President Uhuru “without hesitation” in Facebook Post

March 3, 2021

An ill-advised post on Facebook threatening the life of President Uhuru Kenyatta landed a man in court on Monday.

22-yer-old Simon Muchiri was arraigned before a Kiambu court where he was charged under the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act with misusing the social media platform by publishing remarks deemed detrimental to the office of the president and the people who occupy it.

The prosecution told the court Muchiri committed the act on February 27 this year at an unknown place.

“That on February 27 at unknown place you published on your Facebook page that you would kill president Uhuru Kenyatta without hesitation if you had a gun,” the prosecution said.

Muchiri, who was arrested after police tracked him down using his mobile number, denied the charges.

His lawyer pleaded for his release saying he is a young adult, a first-time offender, and his family’s breadwinner.

Kiambu principal magistrate Grace Omodho released the accused on a cash bail of Sh200,000 or similar bond terms.

The court set pre-trial hearing for March 15 when the accused will be furnished with all the evidence the prosecution intends to use in court.

The case will then proceed for a full hearing on May 13.

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