Inspekta Mwala: I’m Enjoying My Retirement

March 2, 2021

Comedian and actor Davies Mwabili who is popularly known by his TV character ‘Inspekta Mwala’ says he is enjoying that ‘soft life in retirement.

Mr Mwabili resigned from his job at Radio Citizen last December after 13 years at the station.

In his announcement, ‘Inspekt Mwala’ said he was leaving Radio Citizen on good terms and was looking to take a break while spending more time with his family, particularly his aging grandmother.

Mwala recently spoke in an interview with Mzazi Tuva explaining why he quit radio.

“I was on the radio because it’s a passion I have had for a long time. When I resigned people were shocked because they thought I would always be on radio. But there is life beyond that,” said Mwabili.

‘Mwala’ however clarified his retirement does not include leaving his lead role on ‘Inspekta Mwala’.

“If I was to leave the show, it would automatically die as it’s based on me as an Inspekta. We have talked with fellow actors in the show and agreed that in the meantime, they will put their things in order and invest,” he said.

Asked how retirement is treating him, Mwabili said: “Unajua hii yangu ni talent, currently I’m just doing things normal civilians do. I am enjoying my retirement, I wake up when I want and do what I want.’

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