Why Likoni Floating Bridge Will Be Brought Down After 4 Years

December 8, 2020

The highly anticipated Likoni floating bridge at Liwatoni in Mombasa county which is about two weeks away from being opened to the public will be dismantled in 2025.

Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia explained that this is because the 824-meter bridge is only a temporary reprieve, with the govt set to begin the construction of Mombasa Gate Bridge as a permanent solution for easing traffic along the busy Likoni channel.

Once the Gate bridge is completed in 2025, the Sh1.9 billion suspension bridge will be set up elsewhere.

“Its(floating bridge) life span is at least 50 years,” Macharia noted.

The CS, who spoke after inspecting the bridge over the weekend, said the project was put forward after the Likoni crossing channel emerged as a coronavirus hotspot.

“In March, we determined that 90 percent of transmission is by the public transport sector and Mombasa was a hotspot because of the Likoni ferry,” Macharia said.

The design of the Sh82 billion Mombasa Gate Bridge will be complete by June 2021, with construction set to begin in December 2021.

Japan International Corporation Agency will build the 1.4 km long /70-meters high bridge. It will take four years to construct and will be expected to boost the economy and tourism in the coastal region.

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