Burning Bridges Initiative: IEBC Quickly Deletes ‘Honest’ Tweet

December 30, 2020

It appears someone at IEBC social media department was honest today. Perhaps a little too honest.

It is no secret that the Building Bridges Initiative is being rammed down Kenyans’ throats. No one asked for it, and no one needs it.

The BBI is widely seen as a plan to create more political seats for the ruling class at the expense of ordinary Kenyans.

The process culminating in a referendum is super expensive for a country broke and in debt. And to make it worse, the running cost of sustaining the proposed government structure will only add to the financial burden if the BBI goes through.

It’s no wonder that even some at the body that will conduct the referendum exercise are ‘secretly’ against it.

Today, IEBC is launching the signature verification exercise at Bomas of Kenya. The person in charge of social media at IEBC made his/her views known briefly, before taking down the tweet.

“Happening now: The launch of the Burning Bridges Initiative Supporters Verification Exercise at the Bomas of Kenya,” the account tweeted.

‘Burning Bridges’ has been a term used by those against BBI.

Do you think this is a case of saying the silent part out loud?

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