NTV’s Zeynab Wandati Recounts Changing Tampon In A Bus, “Man Next To Me Had No Idea

November 6, 2020

NTV Editor Zeynab Wandati said the most courageous thing she has ever done was changing a tampon in public.

In an interview with Nation, Wandati said she changed the tampon in front of a man in a public service vehicle.

“The most courageous thing I’ve ever done… I changed a tampon in front of a man and he had absolutely no idea what I was doing. We were stuck in traffic on Mombasa road, it didn’t look like it was going to open up anytime soon, and periods don’t stop for traffic. Thank god I wasn’t wearing a pad, because how would I have changed a pad? Ningeanza aje?,” she wondered.

The Science and Technology Editor said she could not find an empty seat to do it as the bus was full.

Fortunately, she had a big skirt that she spread to cover herself and it was during the night. Zeynab also had to use her wits to distract the man seated next to her.

“This man is sitting next to me and I can feel tampon ikijaa mwili inaanzanga kuisukuma nje. Ile unajiambia if I were to sneeze, it would drop. What do i do, I looked around the bus if there was an empty chair where I could go and hide there wasn’t any.

“I was wearing a big black skirt that day took a tampon out spread my skirt properly then I changed the tampon, took the used one and wrapped it in tissue properly. I knew the only way to do it without him getting suspicious was to engage him in a conversation so that his eyes remained focused on me not what I was doing. Uzuri ilikuwa usiku,” she said.

The journalist noted that she still good friends with the guy to-date.

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