“I Had To Get A Therapist,” Muthoni Mukiri On Toxic Relationship

October 6, 2020

Media personality Muthoni wa Mukiri has opened up about her experience being in a toxic relationship a couple of years ago.

Speaking on her YouTube channel – ‘Muthoni’s Mission’-, the Inooro TV news anchor said her then-boyfriend was insecure and controlling. Muthoni said it reached a point where she had to break up with the guy.

Despite dumping the toxic guy, Muthoni said the painful break up took a toll on her and she had to seek therapy to get over him.

A couple of years ago I dated this guy, it was a toxic relationship. There was a lot of insecurities and he was very controlling. Very insecure, he was a lot of bad things and it got to a point where I felt like I needed to leave and I needed to break it off with him,” she said.

“Eventually, I broke it off with him and it hurt so bad. I lost a lot of weight, my face broke out, nothing was working in my life and at some point, I even had to get a therapist, it was so bad but eventually I worked on myself, went through every step of the pain and I got over him,” recounted the news presenter.

Muthoni also revealed that she is currently in a happy relationship but declined to reveal more details saying her partner is a private person.

Right now, I’m dating it’s amazing. He’s not in the media he’s very private I don’t want to talk about it so much,” she said.

The media personality was sharing tips on how to overcome a painful breakup.


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