The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday September 16)

September 16, 2020

Here are some of today’s biggest headlines.

Another presidential assault on science as fires and pandemic rage

A defining trait of Donald Trump’s presidency is his incessant destruction of reason, evidence and science in the service of his personal whims, conspiratorial mindset and political requirements.

Aid cuts by Trump and some US allies are costing lives in Yemen

In March, the Trump administration and the US’ key regional allies, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, slashed their funding to the United Nations’ appeal for Yemen. The funding cuts mean reduced healthcare services for Yemeni civilians, with some forced to close.

Rome’s Fiumicino Airport awarded world’s first five-star anti-Covid award

(CNN) – Travelers eager to fly again may want to consider Italy as their next destination. Rome’s Fiumicino Airport has become the first airport in the world to earn “the COVID-19 5-Star Airport Rating” from Skytrax, an international airport industry ratings body.

Activists flee on boats from Hong Kong, once a safe haven from China

For Ha Sze-yuen, the sea surrounding Hong Kong is more than just a backdrop for sunsets and beaches.

Trump’s TikTok showdown is poised to reward his Silicon Valley political allies

President Donald Trump last month used his office to ignite an international business crisis that’s plunged into doubt the future of one of the world’s most popular social media platforms – a decision that’s now led to the apparent benefit of a major political backer.

Novak Djokovic doesn’t think he’ll ‘ever forget’ disqualification from US Open

Novak Djokovic says his disqualification from the US Open has been a “big lesson” but admits he doesn’t think he will “ever forget about it.”

Neymar makes racism allegation as game ends with five red cards

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar has said he was the target of a racist slur by an Olympique Marseille player during the French champions’ 1-0 defeat in Ligue 1 on Sunday.

Agents announce seizure of suspected counterfeit Apple AirPods that are actually OnePlus Buds

Like most Apple products, the company’s wireless earbuds, the Apple AirPods, have prompted a number of copycat designs.

Microsoft pulled its underwater data center out of the sea in Scotland

Microsoft pulled its second underwater data center out of the water in Scotland.

Climate row as Trump visits fire-hit US West Coast

Democratic politicians on the US West Coast have accused President Donald Trump of being in denial about climate change’s role in the huge wildfires there, before his visit to California. Blazes in California, Oregon and Washington state have burned almost 2m hectares (5m acres) of land and killed at least 35 people since early August.

The Nigerian filmmakers risking jail with lesbian movie Ife

Two Nigerian filmmakers face the prospect of imprisonment if they ignore the stern warning of the authorities and proceed with the release of a movie about a lesbian relationship. The dramatic face-off with the regulators – the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) – is worthy of a film itself.

Covid: Pandemic ‘has pushed back progress by 20 years’ – BBC News

Intensive care capacity in the French city of Marseille is “close to saturation” amid a sharp spike in Covid-19 infections, its hospitals director Jean-Olivier Arnaud has warned. New limits on gatherings are being introduced around Marseille and in the south-western city of Bordeaux.The two cities are the main new hotspots in a country that on Saturday recorded a big surge in cases.

Asia sees first regional recession in 60 years

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YouTube’s TikTok rival to be tested in India

YouTube has announced it will test a beta version of its new TiktTok rival in India. YouTube Shorts will limit videos to 15 seconds, and the platform will feature creator tools that are similar to Chinese-owned TikTok’s. India banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps in June as border tensions rose between the two countries.

Paul Rudd, Certified Young Person, has a PSA on wearing masks

A majority of new COVID-19 infections are transmitted by young people, which is why Certified Young Person Paul Rudd is calling on his fellow Youths to wear a mask. People under 40 are driving the spread of the coronavirus, and despite misinformation from the White House science advisor Dr. Scott Atlas – whose specialty is neuroradiology, not epidemiology – young people can be severely affected by the virus.

Twitter-controlled anal vibrators are the cyberpunk future we need

What if technology was invasive but, you know, in a good way? Say hello to the Double-Oh, a custom-built battery which theoretically allows for wireless control of any device that uses AA batteries. And, as its inventor Buck – the pseudonymous fursona of a 31-year-old maker based in Berlin – let Twitter know on Friday, that control extends to anal vibrators.

Carl Sagan predicted life on Venus in 1967. We may be close to proving him right.

Millions of space nerds reacted with joy Monday to a study showing the atmosphere of Venus contains phosphine, a chemical byproduct of biological life. But none would have been more thrilled or less surprised by the discovery than the late, great Carl Sagan – who said this day might come more than 50 years ago.

‘Card v Card’ is a game where you race to spend someone else’s money

MSCHF, the prank group behind the contest Finger on the App, is back with another game: Card v Card . Card v Card is a competitive multiplayer bank account where the aim is to spend someone else’s (MSCHF’s) money. How exactly does that work?

YouTube officially announces TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts

With TikTok’s future in the U.S. up in the air, it’s the perfect time to strike while the iron is hot! On Monday, YouTube officially announced its new feature YouTube Shorts, which looks and sounds a lot like the viral video app TikTok.

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