My Wedding Story: We Planned It Ourselves Without A Committee

August 10, 2020

Colleta and Alex Kimani got married at an invite-only wedding on August 24, 2019, at Loreto Msongari Chapel and Marula Manor.

The bride of the day shared more about her love story and special day with People Daily:

Where did this love story begin?

A mutual friend hooked us up. She called me and asked for my permission to give a ‘great guy’ my number and I agreed.

She thought we would make a good match and I guess she was right. If it wasn’t for our mutual friend I would never have met him.

Our worlds were so much apart. We dated for one year and about two months before we got engaged.

What do you remember about the proposal? 

We had talked about a future together, so I knew it was coming. I expected him to go all out on the proposal because I had come to know him as that ‘kind of guy’.

He, instead, did the opposite, which actually surprised me. He caught me off-guard, no vacation, no fancy dinners (chuckles).

It happened on an ordinary weekend as he was dropping me home after having spent the day together. On the way, we took a detour, then he proposed.

How was the planning process? 

We opted to do it ourselves, which I think is the only thing I should have done differently.

It was time consuming, hectic and emotionally draining. We did not have a committee either.

We, however, enlisted the help of our friends to help with running and coordinating things on the actual day of the wedding.

So what are your fond memories of the wedding?

My favourite part was when my husband did a surprise performance with his band at the reception.

He was basically giving the story of our love life, from how we met to the wedding.

I also enjoyed having my favourite musician-Kidum perform. Those two made my day.

How many people attended the wedding and what was the theme?

We had 500 guests. Our theme was summer blast.

Was it an invite only and if it was, why did you opt for it?

Yes, it was an invite only. Because everything from food to the wedding furniture is number specific and since we couldn’t pay for an infinite number of people, there was a need to determine a strict number of attendees according to our budget.

What would you advice couples planning their wedding, especially during this time of the pandemic?

They should view the pandemic as a blessing in disguise. This is because they will have an intimate wedding by default with only their closest connections in attendance and will save a huge amounts of money while at it.

Your last word?

Let the wedding be a celebration of your love and may it bring a bond and happiness between you two.

Don’t do it for a show or to please other people, but let it be a memory that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Do what is comfortable and affordable for you without the pressure to please.


1. Decor -Flowers and Events by Cathy

2. M.C -Robert Burale

3. Photography -Ben Kiruthi

4. Food-Grashy Finest 

5. Men’s suits -Nick Ondu

6. Entertainment – Kidum and the Boda Boda Band.

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