Learn About VPS for Forex and its Key Benefits

August 25, 2020

What Is Forex VPS Hosting?

Financial markets are always in flux. Prices rise and fall based on myriad factors. Currency traders need to monitor the exchange rates closely. Momentary changes may bring disappointing losses. As everything is done online, technical glitches are undesirable. 

Accurate analysis requires a stable flow of market data. Forex VPS allows traders to receive signals 24/7. Interruptions are no longer an issue. If the Internet is cut off, or glitches occur, the user needs not to worry. A virtual copy of their system is always running, and it can be accessed from any device. 

In South Africa, the technology is provided by global brokerage firms. VPS is compatible with most of the popular platforms for trading, such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Limit slippage with a virtual private server. Here is how it works. 

Core Principles of VPS

You may have heard of VPNs – virtual private networks. These tools are more familiar to the public, as they are used for general security purposes. VPNs hide actual IP addresses, along with their user’s physical location. The system unblocks geo-restricted sites and prevents third-party attacks. 

A VPS also protects your connection, but in a different way. Its application is more narrow. Virtual private servers enhance the security of currency transactions. Brokers advise clients against using the same network and OS for both personal and trading purposes. 

Even password-protected Wi-Fi networks may be penetrated by cybercriminals. In the realm of finance, sensitive data requires special protection. Learn more about what is VPS Forex trading and what cyber threats exist in South Africa.

At the same time, VPS is similar to web hosting. We can access any site 24/7 thanks to servers which store its content. All information, including media, is kept in these locations. A virtual server also stores a replica of your system. 

This is why VPS is well-spread in offices. The technology allows IT departments to minimize burnout and save electricity. Staff members can check corporate computers remotely, and systems do not need to be on 24 hours a day. 

Advantages for Forex

Let’s zoom in on VPS for currency trades. It generates a virtual copy of the user’s machine. This copy is always on, as the server is powered independently. The benefits are obvious. VPS can be crucial for trading, especially in areas with unstable internet, as: 

1. It eliminates the threat of technical disruptions; 
2. It secures the connection, keeping malicious parties at bay; 
3. You do not have to stare at the screen all the time; 
4. Trading can be done from any location;
5. Signals are recorded around the clock. 

Prevent System Crashes

Imagine you are in the middle of a trade, and the terminal suddenly crashes. Consequences may be dire. This makes VPS absolutely essential as it guarantees the stable performance of your trading environment 24/7. 

The virtual copy never stops working. Even at night, it registers incoming signals. Uptime is estimated to reach 99.9%, and the connection is monitored closely. You can even be away from your computer. This gives traders peace of mind, allowing them to focus on the market. Technical distractions do not affect their behavior. 

VPS in South Africa

International brands like ForexTime provide VPS service to all clients. This means every trader’s machine is copied to a dedicated cloud server. Uninterrupted work is thereby guaranteed. 

The heart of this system is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Different types of OS are supported. Users can buy and sell instruments from any device. The range is not limited to currency pairs. It also includes stocks, derivatives, and other instruments. Moreover, clients enjoy:

* quick connection; 
* quick execution; 
* protection against power outages;
* protection against technical glitches; 
* compatibility with Expert Advisors; 
* effective backup and data recovery.

Traders may sustain financial loss due to unsteady Internet access. In South Africa, this problem is common. A single glitch could entail spectacular failures. A VPS ensures technical consistency. It is also important for those who continue trading while traveling. 

The Bottom Line

Eliminate distractions that may disrupt your trading activity. Ask your broker about their VPS services. Virtual servers prevent typical interruptions like faulty internet connection and power cuts. If your system crashes, active trades will not be affected. Eventually, VPS is your protection against technical force majeure. In Forex, unexpected events can be costly.

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