Kakamega Man Commits Suicide After Digging His Own Grave Following Dispute Over Chicken

August 14, 2020

A family in Chebwai village, Kakamega was left in shock after their kin took his own life moments after he had started digging his grave.

Luvale Mutochi, 37, reportedly ingested poison and died as his family members, some villagers and the area chief watched in shock.

“I was called by a close family member who informed me that the deceased was digging a grave, he was still busy digging when I arrived. But moments later, he pulled a bottle and ingested the contents. He entered the house and took some water which could have catalyzed the poison reaction leading to his death,” said Chief Juma Inzai.

“Our frantic efforts to save his life were too little too late because the damage had been done by the time he was rushed to a nearby health facility,” added the administrator.

The deceased’s father,  Peter Mutochi, told reporters that his son was incensed after his mother stopped him from selling her chicken.

“He had indicated that he wanted to buy some clothes but after his mother told him off, he started digging the grave near his house. My wife followed him and demanded to know why he was doing such a thing, he excused himself only to return with the poison which he would later ingest,” narrated Mutochi.

Family members said they were in shock because they did not expect their son to end his life over such a small dispute.

“We don’t know why he decided to end his life just because of a small matter that could have been easily resolved, his death is a major blow,” Lilian Khaendi, a cousin to the deceased said.

Elders said the deceased’s body must be buried at night to keep away evil spirits that could haunt the family

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