Health Ministry Speaks on MPs Who’ve Tested Positive For Covid-19

June 30, 2020

The Health Ministry on Monday confirmed that several Members of Parliament have tested positive for Covid-19.

Early morning reports indicated that at least six legislators were admitted in different hospitals in Nairobi, with one said to be in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Sources also revealed that many other legislators had come into contact with their positive colleagues, sparking fear and panic that more MPs might be affected.

Even though the ministry did not indicate how many MPs have contracted the virus, Health CAS Rashid Aman said the ministry response teams have activated contact tracing.

“I don’t have that information as to the number of MPs and how many they are, what their state is clinically, but I want to say that protocol for positive cases once they are identified is to do the follow-up contact tracing and that is done for any individual who turns out positive, regardless of his stature in society,” said Dr Aman.

“In terms of contact tracing, we have set protocols, which we must follow, regardless of who is the person affected. That is the procedure; we must follow the contacts and we must trace them, treat them, isolate them and that process will continue.”

At the same time, Director of Public Health, Dr Francis Kuria, urged Kenyans to shun political gatherings.

“The numbers of Parliamentarians who have tested positive (for Covid-19) is not going to help you not turn positive. We have to fight the stigma even as we seek to ensure that Kenyans from all walks of like are healed,” Kuria said.

He added: “But then this question also shows how important it is to avoid political gatherings because we don’t know whom we are interacting with. This is what we have been saying but some people say that it politics. Our (Health) CS Mutahi Kagwe told us the other day that we have to treat everyone as if they are positive. Individual responsibility is key.”

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