City Man Escapes Mob Lynching After Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend in Umoja

June 22, 2020

A man from Nairobi’s Umoja Innercore estate escaped the wrath of irate residents who were baying for his blood Sunday morning for battering his girlfriend who is heavy with child.

According to witnesses, Havi Obura assaulted Sandra Adipo for the better part of Saturday night inside their house.

Mr Obura is said to have accused Ms Adipo, who is four months pregnant, of hosting a few of her friends in the house without his permission.

Ironically, Obura is said to have recently moved in with Adipo, who has been paying rent and providing for him.

The suspect is also alleged to be a party animal who usually moves around using the woman’s car.

The caretaker of the apartment where the couple lives and several tenants had on Sunday morning threatened to break down the door after the man locked it from inside.

“Huyu msichana amepigwa usiku wote. Nilisikia akipiga nduru ili boyfriend wake asimpige kwa nyundo,” one neighbour told Nairobi News.

The caretaker later came with police officers from Umoja 2 Chief’s Camp who arrested the suspect.

Ms Adipo sustained multiple injuries and was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital.

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