Former MCA Aspirant Batters Wife For “Challenging his Authority as Man of the House”

April 29, 2020

Police in Nakuru East have arrested the county’s former deputy mayor, Joseph Munyiri, on allegations of assaulting his wife, Joyce Wangui.

The couple is said to have disagreed on Monday afternoon, April 27 after Munyiri, 36, allegedly went to his spouse’s electronics shop in Menengai Ward, Nakuru East and sold a 32-inch TV set to his friend at Sh2, 000 without his wife’s knowledge or approval.

Ms Wangui, 36, is also said to have asked Munyiri why he hadn’t registered the transaction in the sales record-keeping book.

Later in the evening, when the couple returned home, Munyiri allegedly pounced on Wangui with kicks and blows, causing her dental trauma and grievous bodily harm to the face and ears.

Wangui claimed her partner was angry because she “challenged his authority as the head of the family in front of his friends”.

“He has anger problems. While beating me up yesterday (Monday, April 27), he threatened he would kill me. He even followed me to hospital as I went to seek treatment,” said Wangui adding: “He often brags that he is the man of the house, whose authority shouldn’t be questioned by his wife. He often says he has a right to sell anything at my shop without seeking my consent.”

Wangui told police that this wasn’t the first time Munyiri had assaulted her. The two have been married for over 15 years, and have seven children together.

“I urge the Government to ensure I get justice,” cried Wangui.

Joseph Munyiri vied for Menengai Ward Jubilee Party ticket in the run-up to 2017 general election but lost. K24 report that since then, he has been selling second-hand clothes in Nakuru Town.

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