Babu Owino: DJ Evolve Shooting is Between Me and God

March 6, 2020

The Embakasi East Member of Parliament has forgiven himself over the shooting of Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve at B-Club. In an interview with Capital FM, Babu Owino said the matter is now between him and God.

The controversial lawmaker noted that in as much as he would like to reveal more about the incident, he cannot discuss it as the matter is still in court.

“That matter as you all know and as Kenyans know is a matter that is sub judice. It is a matter that is before a court of law and a matter before a court of law should not be discussed, as much as I would love to discuss and talk about it.

“Secondly, it is a matter that is between me and God and I chose to forgive myself. I want to tell you, we cannot change the past but we can change the future. Let us focus on what is coming in the foreseeable future, let us not dwell so much in our past because we can’t change it no matter how much we wish to change it,” said Babu.

DJ Evolve’s Hospital Bill

Mr Owino also committed to foot DJ Evolve’s hospital bill.

“His bills will be paid by myself,” he said. “Again I would not wish to dwell in that, matters bills, I will pay the bill and I’ll leave it at that… I would not talk about it because it is a matter before a court of law.”

The first-time lawmaker also dismissed a recent report by Mizani Africa that ranked him as the worst-performing lawmaker in the management of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

“My dressing alone should tell you that I cannot be number last without coming to my brains. I have worked for my people and I have built classes in my constituency. I have done over 22 roads and have introduced table banking for women to advance their businesses,” he claimed.

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