The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Friday February 21)

February 21, 2020

Here are some of today’s top headlines.

Coronavirus news and live updates: Two Japan cruise ship passengers die – CNN

By Ben Westcott and Adam Renton, CNN Updated 0533 GMT (1333 HKT) February 20, 2020 Officials in Macao have allowed 29 casinos to reopen following a two-week closure that was implemented to try and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Chinese gambling enclave.

Chris Cillizza’s winners and losers from the 9th Democratic debate

The top six candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination gathered on a debate stage Wednesday night, just days before the critical Nevada caucuses.

Novel coronavirus appears to be stabilizing in China amid fears of new outbreak in Japan

Weeks into the novel coronavirus crisis, the outbreak finally appears to be stabilizing in central China, where the virus was initially detected before it spread throughout the country and the world.

Beijing expels three Wall Street Journal reporters

The Chinese government announced Wednesday that it is revoking the press credentials of three Wall Street Journal reporters, the largest expulsion of overseas media from the country in more than three decades.

Lawyer for WikiLeaks’ Assange says he was offered a US pardon for denying Russian hacking

But Dana Rohrabacher said he had never spoken to Trump about Assange and that the visit was “my own fact finding mission.”

Rapper Pop Smoke killed in home invasion, officials confirm

The rapper Pop Smoke was killed during a home invasion at a Hollywood Hills, California, residence early Wednesday, a police official and federal law enforcement source confirmed to CNN.

Harry and Meghan to return to UK for final round of official royal duties

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return to the UK later this month to carry out their final official engagements before they step down as senior members of the royal family, a spokesperson for the couple said Wednesday.

Boeing says it found debris in fuel tanks of parked 737 Max jets

Boeing found debris in the fuel tanks of several 737 Max jets that have been sitting in storage. It’s the latest problem Boeing faces as it tries to get the 737 Max back in the air.

This violinist played her instrument as surgeons removed a brain tumor

Dagmar Turner wasn’t just showing off when she played the violin during her brain surgery at King’s College Hospital in London.

Solar might be Tesla’s secret weapon

Most investors only think about electric cars when they think about Tesla. But the company’s solar power and storage battery business could be a major factor in the performance of Tesla shares, according to a new analyst note.

‘Several dead’ in mass shooting in Hanau, Germany

Several people are dead following two shootings in the western German city of Hanau, local media report. Eight people were killed and five others injured after an unknown attacker opened fire on a shisha bar in the city, according to the reports. There are also reports of a second shooting at another shisha bar, in Hanau’s Kesselstadt neighbourhood.

The village devastated by elephantiasis

Despite sitting down as she shells bright-pink beans, Margaret Tindimutuma’s swollen feet are in pain. The Ugandan matriarch has a rare type of elephantiasis that has caused her family untold suffering. “I have always had allergies since I was young.

Rivals line up to attack Bloomberg at debate

In a slugfest of a debate worthy of Las Vegas, billionaire Michael Bloomberg came under attack from all sides. The field of candidates for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination has been shrinking for months, but on Wednesday night in Nevada, the debate stage had one significant new arrival.

US retailer Forever 21 bought back from bankruptcy

Retailer Forever 21 has been saved from bankruptcy by three buyers who want to expand internationally. New owners, Authentic Brands, Simon Property and Brookfield Property, also want to keep open most of the chain’s 448 US stores. Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy last September as losses mounted from its international locations.

Elizabeth Warren put Michael Bloomberg on blast in the debate, and the internet loved it

Michael Bloomberg’s bizarre Nega-Trump presidential tilt has produced plenty of mortifying moments so far, from the Meatball Tweet and cringeworthy influencer meta-sponcon to that time he shook a dog’s snoot. But unless this entire campaign is some kind of I’m Not Here style performance art, there’s no way Bloomberg’s strategy team planned for him to get absolutely read for filth by Elizabeth Warren five minutes into Wednesday night’s Democratic debate.

TikTok rolls out feature that should make parents happy. Their kids? Not so much.

TikTok announced a new feature on Wednesday that lets parents manage their children’s screen time. When enabled, teen users won’t be able to view videosonce they reach their time limit.

Pete Buttigieg called himself a ‘Microsoft Word guy’ in a brutal self-own

Everyone came out swinging at NBC’s Democratic debate on Wednesday, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg revealed himself as real-life Clippy. While the majority of the attacks were initially aimed at billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Senator Elizabeth Warren managed to take a jab at nearly every candidate’s healthcare plan in a single go.

‘If you have a crush on me, tell me now’ tweets never get old

Few online trends delight me as much today as they did the first time I saw them, but my love for tweets that encourage people to disclose their secret crushes remains as strong as ever. If you follow any single, comical people looking for love on Twitter, you may have seen tweets like these over the years.

Joe Biden mocks Bloomberg’s meme strategy and calls out his fake friendship with Obama

Joe Biden wants to make it clear: Former President Barack Obama is his pal. A new video on Wednesday from Biden’s campaign laid into billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who has somewhat shadily featured Obama in his campaign ads. While the spots haven’t explicitly said Obama’s endorsed the former NYC mayor, they can certainly imply that idea, with which Biden took issue.

Here’s 15 minutes of Trevor Noah cracking Joe Biden jokes

On Monday it was Bernie Sanders’ turn, and now Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate getting the Trevor Noah joke compilation treatment – starting with a clip of The Daily Host rounding up Biden’s many gaffes. “In a weird way, I feel like these gaffes are what made Biden the perfect balance to President Obama,” Noah says.

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