Ex-Convict Lynched After Attempting to Rape His Mother

February 14, 2020

An angry mob in Ngaa-ini village, Maragua lynched a former convict after he allegedly attempted to rape his mother.

Samuel Makumi, 28, a known criminal in the area, reportedly tried to rape his 50-year-old mother on Tuesday night, two weeks after he was released from prison.

Residents said the woman raised an alarm after her son grabbed her and tried to remove her clothes. She was rescued by locals who executed mob justice, killing the suspect.

“On Wednesday after he returned home his mother raised alarm and public descended on the suspect with crude weapons. His body was set ablaze by the locals,” said Patrick Mwangi, a resident in Maragua Ridge village.

Locals said the deceased had been imprisoned more than three times. Last week, he allegedly threatened to kill his brother after he demanded to establish reasons why Makumi broke into the family store and stole three bags of maize.

The deceased’s body was moved to Maragua district mortuary for preservation.

Murang’a South Deputy Police Commander Ms Dorothy Gaitenga warned the public against taking law into their hands.

She also urged community leaders to educate the young on traditions, in efforts to reduce sexual assaults.

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