Why you can’t Eradicate Locusts by Eating them – Expert

January 16, 2020

With the locust invasion in eight counties seemingly getting out of hand, there have been suggestions that turning the insects into meals can help eradicate them.

Indeed, fried locusts are a delicacy in parts of Western Kenya, but the Ministry has cautioned against turning them into food as a solution.

For starters, the locusts are too many, said Director of Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa, Dr Stephen Njoka.

“You cannot finish all the locusts by eating them, one swarm may have up to 40 million insects,” said the expert.

Dr Njoka further warned against eating the insects as there is no way to determine which ones have been sprayed in the ongoing eradication exercise.

“The communities that eat them should be careful not to eat the ones that have been sprayed with the pesticide,” he said.

At the same time, the expert said farmers should not fear that their crops will be destroyed by the voracious pests.

“Farmers need not panic, continue with your regular practices including planting, this will be over soon,” Dr. Njoka said.

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