How Two Men Allegedly Abducted Police Officers at a Roadblock

January 31, 2020

Drama ensued in Malindi, Kilifi County early Thursday after two men reportedly kidnapped two traffic police officers who were manning a roadblock on Sabaki bridge.

According to police reports, the two suspects were travelling in a lorry when they were flagged down by the officers. After stopping, the officers boarded the lorry to inspect the goods that were being ferried in the back.

It is then that the driver and his turnboy locked the cops inside the lorry and sped off towards Mombasa.

Upon reaching a second roadblock, the suspects were ordered to stop but they defied the order. This forced the officers manning the roadblock to fire in the air in a bid to scare the suspects but they continued speeding towards Mombasa.

It took the intervention of boda boda riders in the area to stop the rogue motorists, K24 reports. Reportedly, the riders placed boulders ahead of the road, forcing the suspects to stop and flee the scene on foot.

They were, however, cornered by the public and turned over to the officers who were in hot pursuit.

The area’s boda boda chairman, Joseph Mwangu, said they decided to take action after it “became clear that the vehicle’s occupants were up to no good, given they had defied a stop order”.

Malindi Sub-County police boss, Vitalis Otieno, will be charged with attempted abduction.

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