“It’s the Devil’s Work!” Woman Charged For Stealing Handbag at Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s Church

August 8, 2019

A woman was on Tuesday charged with stealing a handbag from a worshipper at Jesus Is Alive Ministries Church in Nairobi.

Samantha Wairimu allegedly stole the bag containing cash and a mobile phone all valued at Sh24,500 from one Mary Thuku on August 4.

Wairimu, who was seated next to Thuku for the Sunday service, pretended to be praying while seated as Thuku stood up to worship.

A Madaraka court heard that Thuku was deep in prayers that were being conducted by Bishop Margaret Wanjiru when Wairimu picked the handbag and hurriedly left the church.

After Bishop Wanjiru finished the prayer, Thuku realised her handbag was missing from her seat. Worshippers who had seated behind her told her that the woman who was seated next to her walked away with the handbag.

Ushers also confirmed that Wairimu had left in a hurry with the handbag, as security officers followed her and managed to arrest her. However, the cash and mobile phone were not recovered.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Heston Nyaga, Ms Wairimu denied the charges and pleaded for lenient bond terms.

She said the allegations are the work of the devil.

“I did not steal because I was in church during prayers and people said I had stolen a handbag. This is all the devil’s doing. Give me a lenient bond since I have kids to take care of,” she told the court.

She was released on Sh15,000 bail pending the hearing on November 26.

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