US Ambassador – Kenya Should Be a Benefactor Not a Beneficiary

July 3, 2019

US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter says the country has enough resources to thrive without depending on foreign aid.

According to McCarter, Kenya’s untapped resources can be exploited to make the country a benefactor of other countries. He noted the country has many idle parcels of land which have the potential to end food insecurity and unemployment.

“There are too many resources in Kenya. There are too many wonderful, strong beautiful shambas. There are too many people with the ability to lift Kenya up and I believe Kenya should not be a beneficiary but a benefactor,” McCarter said.

He, however, said the US will continue to strengthen its relationship with Kenya and help it relieve its debt burden.

“The US will do everything necessary to walk with the Kenyan people down their path. Every project we do, every infrastructure, it’s gonna be with an open contract, it’s gonna be with ethics of the highest (sic),” he said as quoted by the Star.

McCarter spoke last week when he and his wife, Victoria Ramatowski, paid a courtesy call on Meru County Governor Kiraitu Murungi.

The county boss appreciated the visit by the US ambassador.

“We greatly appreciate the cooperation and partnerships we have with the United States which are being spearheaded here in Meru by US agencies such as the USAID and other partnerships through Ahadi,” Kiraitu said.

“We appreciate this visit as an indication of continued friendship and an even closer working partnership going into the future.”

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