The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday July 18)

July 18, 2019

A look at today’s top headlines.

Chaos reigns in Washington

President Donald Trump might finally have broken Washington.

Here are the 4 Republicans who voted to condemn Trump’s racist tweets

Tuesday’s vote on the House Democratic effort to condemn President Donald Trump’s use of racist language ended up falling along party lines, with 240 Democrats in favor and 187 Republicans opposed.

What happens when parts of South Asia become unlivable?

Almost six million people are under threat from rising flood waters across South Asia, where hundreds of thousands of people have already been displaced as a result of heavy monsoon rains.

Renault makes another bet on China’s huge market for electric cars

Renault has launched a new partnership in China as it tries to tap into booming demand for electric cars.

Duterte will be ‘first to obey’ new sexual harassment law, palace says

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte will “be the first one” to abide by a new law banning sexual harassment, his spokesman said, after critics highlighted the outspoken leader’s appalling record on the issue.

French inventor whose flying board wowed the world

(CNN) – Franky Zapata has been driven by a single dream since he was little: being able to fly. Not in an airplane, he says, since the windows function like a screen, but like a bird. As the French inventor and entrepreneur was born colorblind, that ruled out learning to fly helicopters.

Europe launches antitrust investigation into Amazon

The European Union is launching an antitrust investigation into how Amazon uses data from independent retailers who use its marketplace.

De Ligt undergoes Juventus medical ahead of $83.7 million transfer

Matthijs de Ligt, the 19-year-old Ajax captain who led the Dutch side to the Champions League semifinals, is undergoing a medical ahead of his transfer to Juventus for a reported fee of $83.7 million.

Son Of Racist President Calls Minority Congresswomen ‘Most Hate-Filled Group’

Eric Trump called four minority congresswomen “the most hate-filled group” in a show of support for his father, Donald Trump, after the president told the lawmakers to ” go back ” to other countries in a racist Twitter rant.

The Biggest 2019 Emmy Nomination Snubs And Surprises

The nominations for the 2019 Emmy Awards were … actually good? But, of course, we still have some complaints. The Television Academy announced the nominations Tuesday morning, and there we some major snubs ― Julia Roberts for “Homecoming”! ― and a dozen welcome surprises ― “Schitt’s Creek”!

House Votes To Condemn Trump’s Attack On Congresswomen As Racist

In response to President ” to their original countries, Donald Trump telling four congresswomen to ” Democrats offered a resolution condemning the president’s words as racist. But the House descended into even more chaos than expected Tuesday as Republicans objected to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)

Facebook Grilled By Senators Over ‘Crazy’ Cryptocurrency Plans

Congressional lawmakers grilled a Facebook executive Tuesday about the social media giant’s plans for a new worldwide cryptocurrency network, with some saying they didn’t trust the tech behemoth amid an ongoing fallout over its privacy practices.

Elon Musk’s robot surgeon will sew electrodes into your brain, starting in 2020

Elon Musk’s super-secretive startup Neuralink has finally revealed where it’s at on the whole human-machine mind-meld project, and if the phrase “Elon Musk says a monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain” is on your sci-fi apocalypse bingo card, we have good news for you.

What could Elon Musk’s Hyperloop stations look like? This VR video shows you an idea.

The future of high-speed transport has been hypothetically realised in a new rendered VR video of Elon Musk’s potential Hyperloop stations, from the experience of travelling in a pod to the actual features of the station itself.

With all eyes on Libra, Bitcoin drops deep below $10,000

During the first day of Facebook’s congressional hearing on Libra, the topic was largely Facebook itself, with cryptocurrencies and blockchain being a distant second. And yet, most popular cryptocurrencies have been losing value as if the U.S. Senators have somehow been grilling them and not Facebook’s David Marcus, who’s about to spend some more unpleasant time at Congress today.

Google exec claims controversial Dragonfly search engine is ‘terminated’

Dragonfly, it seems, is officially dead. Probably. The controversial Chinese search engine previously in development by Google that raised privacy, censorship, and human rights concerns is finally, officially, no more – at least according to Karan Bhatia, Google’s vice president of global government affairs and public policy.

That video of a drone shooting fireworks into a crowd is not what it seems

Have you seen the video of someone who appears to use a drone to launch fireworks into a partying crowd in Brazil? Well, it’s not exactly what it claims to be. The video, which has been circulating on Reddit in recent days, has a title which loosely translates to “When you have funk dancing on the street, upload your drone with a rocket and finish the party.”

Lil Nas X releases Area 51-themed video for ‘Old Town Road’ remix

Tell everyone to giddy out your way so you can open up YouTube. Another video for “Old Town Road” is out, this time for the remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and Mason Ramsey. And – surprise – it’s about storming Area 51.

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