“My Wig Fell Off While Dancing,” Terryanne Chebet’s Embarrassing Moment at Kiza

July 23, 2019

Embarrassing moments: There’s simply no way to avoid them. The thing about them(embarrassing moments) is that they don’t care who you are, as Terryanne Chebet recently came to find out.

Speaking about her most recent embarrassing moments, the veteran media personality said she got too carried away on the dance floor and danced her wig off.

“I was dancing in a club and my wig fell off. I was at Kiza[lounge] and I can’t remember what song was playing. I just thought ‘oh my God, my wig is on the floor’.”

To make matters worse, Terryanne had a bad hair day: “I had blonde hair and I hadn’t combed it. I think I had matuta, it was just horrible.”

Fortunately for the mother of two, she was out with a friend who reacted instantly to save Terryanne from further embarrassment.

“She was so fast it (the wig) was back on my head in a matter of seconds. I kept thinking someone is going to post a photo online, it was really embarrassing,” Terryanne recalled in a video on YouTube.


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