DCI Explains Why Citizens Pay Sh1000 For Good Conduct Certificate

June 20, 2019

A police clearance certificate otherwise known as a certificate of good conduct is a key requirement for job seekers in Kenya as most employers demand for it during the job application process.

The certificate certifies that the applicant has never partaken in any criminal activity that led to the involvement of the Kenyan Police Force.

However, to obtain such a crucial document, an applicant is required to part with a substantial fee of Sh1050; an amount that has been contested since time immemorial for being exorbitant.

On Wednesday, yet another concerned Kenyan raised the issue with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on Twitter platform. The Kenyan on Twitter, identified as Keg Ambassador, wondered why he has to pay to prove that he is not a criminal.

“Hi @DCI_Kenya, why do I have to pay to prove that am not a criminal. Am talking about the Police Clearance – Certificate of Good Conduct. It’s expensive to be a law-abiding citizen. Please answer me,” posed the Keg ambassador.

As expected, the DCI gave the usual explanation that the fee is meant to facilitate the processes involved.

“Good afternoon @KegAmbassadorKE. Please note that you DO NOT have to pay to prove your innocence. However, if you need to have the certificate as tangible proof, then you must pay that Govt Service Fee to facilitate all the processes involved. The resources involved are at a cost,” DCI responded.

Naturally, netizens were not convinced by the explanation and made their discontent known. Below are some sampled reactions;

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